A break with tradition pays off

Lawyers and their clients have changing expectations for the way work gets done. There are new dilemmas in need of updated solutions. In Gensler‘s research paper Substance Over Status: Justifying Change, the evolution of the law practice is examined and solutions are presented.

A few surprising finds:

It was typical to hear a partner use the term “my client” as opposed to “the firm’s client.” Clients now judge law firms by the quality of the legal team they provide rather than an individual lawyer. As a result, law offices are designed to accommodate collaboration and teamwork. However, the private office is here to stay, but it’s taking different forms.

With fewer young lawyers aspiring to become partner, law firms are changing the recruiting process to offer benefits that focus on quality of life. These services include engaging assignments, access to senior partners, the best technology, the flexibility to work from different locations, and the ability to balance professional and personal life.

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